About Amalfi
About Amalfi

On your first day after arriving at the hotel, wake up to sun filtering into your room. Open the windows and gaze upon one of the most enchanting views of sea and sky on the Amalfi Coast.
After enjoying a peaceful breakfast in the sun-filled, panoramic area of the hotel reserved for this service, prepare to visit the town of Amalfi.

There is something magical about the serpentine coastal road which winds its way above the rocky slopes. Heaven appears to be diving into the sea to capture the attention of both tourist and resident alike. Carts loaded with oranges, lemons, nuts, peppers and vegetables in season are parked at the most panoramic vistas and are beautiful to look at and photograph.

Amalfi is very picturesque with its narrow streets, bars, shops redolent of lemon, restaurants dedicated to the cult of traditional cuisine, and architectural masterpieces (like the Duomo), but especially the tranquil atmosphere which characterizes the whole Amalfi Coast. Amalfi, guardian of the traditions of the four maritime republics, is witness to a past rich in trade with the Orient. The arabesque and Byzantine architecture of the cathedral, along with the ‘Chiostro of Paradise’, and the atmosphere that can still be felt in its narrow streets make it an attraction unique in the world.

AmalfiVisiting the stores and little shops is like taking a trip to a world of colors and scents. Amalfi is a place to admire, and why not purchase some of the magnificent artistic ceramics. If shopping and sightseeing stimulate your appetite, stop by one of the local bakeries to taste the local ‘delizia al limone’, a sponge cake filled with a lemon cream and whipped cream. Then make sure to taste the famous ‘limoncello’, a liqueur made exclusively from Amalfitani lemons.

After sunset and a romantic dinner between “mare e monti” (sea and mountains) life after work begins. Some go to sleep, while others revive their nocturnal instincts. Hunters, viveurs, lovers in search of shooting stars, and those in search of festivities crowd stairway-filled Positano, the beaches and the dancing clubs wedged between the sky and the sea of Amalfi.